Friday, March 30, 2012

THE PEAKS...and the pits.

- Work it ladies!
Having your Pilates instructor, who's name is Ricky Harlow, call you and all the other ladies in the class "Maria". Work it Maria's! - Andrea
- Catching Up
Getting to see one of my dear friends at her baby shower this past weekend. I love that its just like old times and it feels like no time has passed. - Andrea
-Party Time!!!
Getting ready to celebrate my niece, Annika's 1st birthday! So crazy how time flies and how darn cute she is!!! Happy Birthday Annika!!! -Rebecca

...the pits
- Training Day
OMG! Training a puppy is hard work! Don't they just come already trained? - Andrea
-Dirty Thief!!!
My iPhone was stolen...enough said!!! But got a new one so all is well in the world again, sigh -Rebecca

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