Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY: Twig Necklace

After seeing this necklace the other day, I immediately got inspired. With just the pick of a twig from the tree outside our house, I got started. Check out the easy steps below and try it out for yourself.

1. What you will need: 

2. Pick your twig of choice and get to spray painting. I found this one in Gold Leaf at Michaels.

3. After the twig has completely dried, get your thin wire. On each side of the twig, twist the wire 3 times around the twig. On the 3rd turn, place the jump ring on the wire and continue to turn the wire another 3 times.

4. After you have completed step 3, your twig should look like the below.

 5. Now open one of the jump rings, attach the gold chain and twig to it and close. Repeat this step to the other side.

6. Attach the lobster claw clasp to the gold chain and your done! Pretty, huh?
All images via Andrea

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