Friday, March 9, 2012

THE PEAKS...and the pits

Just like old times:
- This week I had dinner with 2 long time friends. Don't you love when you haven't seen a friend in a really long time and when you do, its just like you had never stopped seeing them? It's the best feeling. - Andrea
Stepping outside the box:
-Breaking the routine to venture out to new places and enjoying a good funky cocktail with some funny conversations makes for a damn good night! -Rebecca

and the pits...
Funky Times:
Do you ever just get in a funk that you just can't shake? I hate that feeling! - Andrea
Damn weather!!!:
Seriously, the weather! Do I need to say more, it's hot then cold and windy then cloudy. It's like I'm having hot flashes! I can't keep up and neither can my sinuses! -Rebecca
Getting nailed:
Discovering I had 2 nails in my car tire and having to go thru the whole repair patching process! Bummer and waste of time! -Rebecca

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