Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!!!

Image via Long Island Press

Today February 29th, is Leap Day!!! It's an extra day to the month of February and to our 365 day calendar year making it a Leap Year. This day only comes around every 4 years so it's definitely a special day but what is it really all about and how to did it come about? There are facts, superstitions, traditions and trivia surrounding this day so let's break it down...

  • Leap years are needed to keep the Earth's rotation around the sun aligned
  • An extra day is added to the year making it a Leap Year with 366 days
  • Julius Caesar invented Leap years during the Roman Empire over 2000 years ago
  • Women are allowed to propose to men according to an old Irish legend and they must say YES!
  • Babies born on this day join The Honor society of Leap Year Day Babies
  • Scotland considers it bad luck to be born on this day just like being born on Friday the 13th
  • Famous people born on Leap Day are rapper Ja Rule and actor Antonio Sabato Jr.
  • Disneyland is open 24 hours on this day to enjoy a full day at the park
  • Leap Year, the movie is a romantic comedy about the traditions & superstitions of this day 

 (Leap Year information provided by Time and Date)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Springing into Action

This cold, dreary weather has definitely got me kicking spring into high gear. I can't wait to finally put on some sandals! Below are some cute, colorful items that will also have you screaming for warmer weather. Click the corresponding number below to find out where they are from.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Monday, February 27, 2012

Color Blocking

After seeing several of the Spring Collections from this years Fashion Week, the same theme I noticed is a lot of color blocking. The pairing of bold and bright colors that compliment and blend well together is so perfect for Spring. On paper, you may think some colors may not work just because they look so oddly different, but as an outfit they actually work really well together! Colors such as yellow and blue or pink and red are very complimentary. It's sometimes difficult to think if one color goes with another so the chart below is a guide for colors that may pair well together. 

Image Via Fashion Bomb Daily
Here are a few ideas I think are most useful in understanding the color wheel & how to wear them:
1. Colors that are right across from each other - Yellow & Violet
2. Colors which are right next to each other - Orange & Red-Orange
3. Split Complimentary by pairing 3 colors, one is the main color and the other 2 split colors are the ones at each side of it's complimentary color - Violet (main) & Yellow-Green and Orange-Yellow (2 split colors)
4. Every other color on the wheel - Green & Blue-Green

Now if you are unsure if the colors above are right for you there's also the Cool and Warm Color Theory to help. The theory is based on one's physical features which determines what color palette works better with those features. I learned this theory while in school and it was fun to see what colors are more flattering for me to wear. Now mind you, it's not a fashion rule to follow this theory it's simply a fun guide to show what colors compliment various features. Below is a chart breaking down the details on how to determine if one's features fall under Cool or Warm. The color wheel under it is divided up to show which colors make up the Cool and Warm palette. As some of you may know my favorite color is black so when I when over this chart I wasn't surprised the best colors for me are the Cool colors. Darker colors such as blues, purple, greys etc are the most flattering for my features. So I was relieved to know my wardrobe was fine although it would've been nice to get a new set of clothes if my colors were from the Warm colors but oh well. It's really fun to have all sorts of colors in your wardrobe so again this is not a rule in fashion it's just something interesting when pairing clothes. 

Image Via Cardigan Empire

Image via Cardigan Empire

Friday, February 24, 2012

THE PEAKS...and the pits.

Viva Las Vegas!!!:
Getting away for the weekend to Sin City...Las Vegas here we come!!!!! - Andrea & Rebecca
The Perfect Fit:
Ever find a piece of clothing that fits just perfectly? I found the perfect lived in shirt this week, now I just want to live in it everyday :) - Andrea

the pits...
Short Changed:
 Wishing every weekend was a 3 day weekend!!! -Rebecca
Is it ever enough?:
This week I felt like anything I did just wasn't enough. Hopefully this will change next week. - Andrea
The Male Period:
Seriously, every guy I came across this week was on their period. They were all irritated and annoying, maybe it was just me. Either way, its the truth, men get their periods! - Andrea

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pinterest Provoked

While cruising on Pinterest last night, I came across this photo and then became enamoured by all things maxi skirts. It probably also has to do with the fact that my dear friend asked me to help her with an outfit that surrounded her own maxi skirt. Maxi skirts are so versatile and comfortable. I love that you can dress the skirt down with flats or sandals for a casual look. If you feel like rocking a 70's inspired outfit, you can throw on some chunky heels with a jean jacket and call it a day. I think I am going to try #1, below, out with a leather jacket and some motorcycle boots. Check out some options that are available now. I'm digging all the colors!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fashion Trail Blazers...

My closet lately has been filling up with a variety of blazers and jackets in all colors and styles. I'm really into wearing them casually or dressing them up for a night out on the town. I've seen some great colors out there from bold brights to neutrals and even with embellishments like sequins or elbow patches. I like to throw on a blazer with some jeans with some flats for a casual night. It's a quick outfit plus your comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Blazers are also great for a dressy night out too with a pair of heels and it looks cute with a dress too. They basically go great with any outfit especially when it's a little breezy outside during this winter/spring weather. Here are a few of the latest blazers I have my eye on...


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dreaming of a Getaway

This past 3-day weekend had me thinking of planning my next getaway. My idea of a vacation, consists of lots of relaxation mixed with a very little bit of adventure and exploration. Most of the time you will find me laying on a chair, sipping something that has an umbrella in it. I love my relaxation time! Below are some of the very divine vacation spots that I would love to visit. Check them out for yourself. What's your idea of a vacation?

1. The Citta del Mare Hotel Village, located on the northwest coast of Sicily, looks so cool. You can literally slide right into the Mediterranean Sea.
Images via Citta del Mare

2. The Treehotel in Sweden looks just sensational. As of now, the hotel offers 5 unique "tree house" rooms (more room are being built), that are all located in the Harads forest. The Mirrorcube room (below) reflects its surroundings.
Images via Treehotel

3. I've always wanted to go on a safari. There is just something very tranquil that draws me to experiencing the wildlife in its own environment. If and ever I make the trip, I will be sure to stay at the Tortilis Camp.
Images via Tortilis Camp

Friday, February 17, 2012

THE PEAKS...and the pits.

Sweet Tooth:
Indulging on all the goodies and treats from Valentines Day! Yum!!! - Rebecca
The Unexpected:
It's such an amazing feeling to expect something that you had no idea was coming your way. - Andrea

...and the pits.
Rain...rain...go away:
Being caught in the rain without an umbrella and almost slipping in heels! Rain and heels=Bad combination! - Rebecca
Spreading the News:
Has someone ever held very important information that could change the outcome of something tremendously? Share the wealth people! - Andrea

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Word of Mouth: ink.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Romain snagged my boss and I reservations at, ink. (the period is part of the name). Ink., is the newly opened restaurant owned by Top Chef winner, Michael Voltaggio. I was a fan of him on the show so I was really excited to go. Being that I had been trying to get reservations FOREVER, I didn't even ask how he got them. See, Romain is French and fabulous, everything always works out for him. 

The night started out a little uneasy. You see, I was late and the hostess made it a point to let Romain know that. If I remember clearly, the hostess told Romain that he could seat us but we would probably need to finish our meal at the bar. I understand that reservations are made for a reason, but you see, the restaurant was empty. It was a ghost town! Needless to say, we got to finish our whole meal at the table like good little children :)

Our dinner got back on track with our awesome waiter. He made us feel right at home and explained everything about the menu. Highlights of the evening included the pork tenderloin and the apple dessert, seriously yummy plates that are all meant to be shared. When you look at the picture of the pork tenderloin plate below, there is a long tube of pasta with cheese inside of it, this constitutes as mac n' cheese.  All of the dishes included some sort of quirky ingredient like that. Overall, it was a fun experience with great friends. Would definitely try the restaurant out again.

LEFT: shishsito peppers, house-shaved bonito, tofu mustard. RIGHT: brussels sprouts, pigs ears, lardo, apple
LEFT: tuna, dashi sponge, radish, grapefruit. RIGHT: sea bass, cauliflower, smoked raisin, caper, brown butter
LEFT: octopus, ink. shells, young fennel, pimenton, RIGHT: crab, charred avocado, whipped fish sauce, mushroom chicharron
LEFT: pork tenderloin, charcoal oil, young leeks, macaroni and cheese, RIGHT: poutine, chickpea fries, yogurt curds, lamb neck gravy
LEFT: steak frites, beef skirt, potato, flavors of béarnaise, RIGHT: apple, caramel,burnt wood ice cream

8360 melrose ave.
los angeles, ca 90069
t: 323.651.5866

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marni for H&M

Image Via Fashionologie

H&M is collaborating once again with another fabulous designer by the name of Marni for a brand new women's and men's spring collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. Marni is known for creating unique designs using a wide range of bold and bright colors, patterns and designs all created by the label's designer and founder, Consuelo Castiglioni. Her collections are creative and out of the ordinary with stripes, polka dots, brights and neutrals all in one. Not many designers can take a zig zag stripe and combine it was a floral print for a dress but somehow it works and looks great! It's fashion madness but we love it! So now we will be able to own a few of her more affordable designs at H&M beginning on March 8th. It's very much a retro inspired collection just in time for spring. To top it off, award winning director Sofia Coppola created and directed the commercial for Marni at H&M which was shot in Marrakesh, Morocco creating an amazing back drop for the collection. Check out the commercial below along with behind the scenes videos of the shoot in Marrakesh, Morocco with Sofia Coppola. I can't wait to get my hands on a few pieces so mark your calendar, March 8 for Marni at H&M!!! Rebecca...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Fall 2012

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week is now in full effect. Even though it officially ends on Thursday, I wanted to highlight some of the goods that I've seen so far. Lots of velvet, jewel tones, and chunky knits. I spy some DIYs up in here, can't wait to try them out myself.

I've also seen lots of the designers mixing textures. For example, picture #2 below, both fabrics are black, yet one material is jersey and the other is leather. By mixing the two fabrics together, you get a whole different look that can work for a any occasion.

Check out the goods below!

1: Rachel Zoe, 2: Alexander Wang, 3: Diane von Furstenberg, 4: Charlotte Ronson, 5: Christian Siriano

6: DKNY, 7: Derek Lam, 8: Herve Leger, 9: Rebecca Minkoff, 10: Tracy Reese
11: Rachel Roy, 12: Marc Jacobs, 13: Preen, 14: Theyskens' Theory , 15: Carolina Herrera

Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday: Whitney Houston

So this Monday, I was going to change things up and bring some music to start your week off right. A case of the Mondays is no picnic and I always find a great song brings me out of my funky mood. As you may all know over the weekend, the music world unexpectedly and sadly lost an amazing artist, Whitney Houston. She truly was the epitome of music and her voice was seriously incredible to the point where it would give anyone the chills! I mean her songs like "I Will Always Love You", "I Have Nothing", "How Will I Know" and "I Want to Dance With Somebody" are those classic songs which had an impact on our generation. I can remember my sister and I singing along to her songs in the car and dancing to them thinking we were the next undiscovered Whitney's. But not only was her music amazing, how can we forget her movies like The Bodyguard and Waiting to Exhale. Those are the best chick flicks ever that can be watched over and over again! So what better way to start your Monday than with a tribute to one of the most iconic artists of our generation. Here a few of my favorites from the legendary, Whitney Houston!




You're the best Teets!! XOXO!

Friday, February 10, 2012

THE PEAKS and the pits!!!

-Reunited and it feels so good!...-R
-Being recognized for your hard work! -A

the pits...
-Realizing sometimes we can't hang as long as we used to when we were younger!-R
-Getting older. It's just 1 year, but it's depressing. -A

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Men Style Guide: Valentine's Day

It's time for the men to get a few tips on what to wear for Valentine's Day! So if there are any male readers out there pay attention and take notes so you can impress your lady friend and ladies if you want your man to look then good pay attention too...

Listen up gentleman, this is a dress to impress outfit! If you're going out to a nice place for Valentine's Day or any occasion always think it's better to be over dressed than under dressed. Start with a pair of dress pants, a nice dress shirt in any color and you're already on your way to a complete look. Both options above are both from Express Men which has a great selection for men's clothing and are quite affordable. Now onto the shoes, black dress shoes are a must have and these Alfani shoes are great! Men don't necessarily accessorize like women do but a watch always works well and if you're wanting to go very GQ throw on a faux leather jacket and a scarf only if it's chilly outside of course.

1. Express Dress Shirt
2. Fossil Men's Watch
3. Express Dress Pants
4. H&M Men's Scarf
5. Forever 21 Jacket
6. Alfani Dress Shoes

Alright gentleman, I know this outfit is the more preferable one since it's more casual but still take notes. A nice pair of dark wash jeans with a casual button down shirt is an outfit that can never go wrong so remember that! Since this is a casual outfit, sneakers are acceptable especially when they are old school converse chucks! Again accessorize with a watch and a jacket is a good touch. I saved the best for last, the plain white undershirt which is being modeled by the handsome and amazing David Beckham from his bodywear line at H&M. (Sorry gents, that one is more for the ladies!...You're welcome ladies!) 

1. H&M Dress Shirt
2. H&M David Beckham Bodywear
3. Old Navy Jeans
4. Converse Chuck Sneakers
5. Guess Watch
6. Button Down Hoodie

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day DIY

Looking for a inexpensive, yet adorable way to give out Valentine's this year? Look no further, I've got you covered. So simple and easy to do, just follow the steps below. I've also included a link so that you can download the PDF and make these on your own. Enjoy, and I promise you will win for most original Valentine's out of all your friends :)

What you will need:
Card stock paper (8.5x11)
Cellophane bags (I used these)
Pretty ribbon or string (I used this)
Hole punch

Step 1: Fill the cellophane bag with yummy candy.

 Step 2: Print the gift tags on the cardstock using this link. Cut out the tags and the hole. Sign your name.

Step 3: Loop the string or ribbon through the hole and your done!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Style Guide: Valentine's Day

Ladies, are you in of need some inspiration from the Fashion Cupid on what to wear for a special or casual outing on Valentine's Day?!?! Well the chubby cherub has shot out some great fashion ideas which would make a great outfit for this special day with your main squeeze! <3

This dress is so cute to wear for a Valentine's Day date! The neutral color is versatile so you can accessorize with red accents like a clutch or a cocktail ring. You don't want to overload with red but just enough to make a statement to recognize what holiday it is. A pair of black pump heels will go great with this dress to give it more bold and solid look plus these Target pumps are really comfortable, I own a pair and can walk all day in them without needing a band aid. 

I'm a little obsessed with these pleather pants from H&M and how affordable they are! To not take away from the pants, I think a simple black top and even throwing in a red scarf will give this outfit a little color so the pants remain the focal point. Small accessories for this casual outfit like a gold cuff bracelet and a black handbag will complete the look without overloading on accessories. Now to really give this outfit more of an edge, check out the Sam Edelman Spike and Sequin flats! They are a bit on the pricey side but totally worth it after they are slipped onto your feet plus how can you not want to pair pleather pants with some spiked flats. Fierce!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: for the boy

Even though it seems that the guys never want to indulge in Valentine's day, it's always nice to show them some appreciation. I always like to get my man a little something to express that the day is about the both of us. Whether it be a hand written note or a quirky gift, check out some of the cool items that made the list. All items can be found by clicking the corresponding number at the bottom of the picture.

Disclaimer: No, the very handsome j.crew model is not for sale. He is selling the sweater :)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Friday, February 3, 2012

THE PEAKS and the pits!!!

-Happy hour with your BFF always turns into an AWESOME night!-A & R
-Having great friends around to help thru the tough times and to be there to celebrate the good times!-R
-Seeing how much the little things always count in a big way!-A
the pits...
-Coming to the harsh realization that working really does SUCK!!!-A
-Realizing a one way friendship is a no way friendship!-R 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: for the girl

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought I would centralize all my posts until then around the big day. Whether you call it single-awareness day or just want to show a lady friend how much you love their awesome-ness check out some of the items below. Enjoy!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vogue's View: Couture from Paris

Paris as we know is the mecca of all things fashion especially during Fashion Week at all the Couture shows. Oui Oui! Vogue magazine has been front row and center at all the shows in Paris this past season  documenting and showcasing all the great front row photos from each show which are just amazing. This year they put together a special slideshow of "Vogue's View: The Best and Most Beautiful Backstage and Front Row Photographs from Couture" with photos of the runaway to candid shots of the models backstage all taken by photographer Kevin Tachman. So take a peek into the exclusive couture shows to see the latest exquisite designs and enjoy...

Image by Kevin Tachman via Vogue Magazine Online
Upcoming is New York Fashion Week, February 9-16. Can't wait to see the designs on the runaway!