Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dreaming of a Getaway

This past 3-day weekend had me thinking of planning my next getaway. My idea of a vacation, consists of lots of relaxation mixed with a very little bit of adventure and exploration. Most of the time you will find me laying on a chair, sipping something that has an umbrella in it. I love my relaxation time! Below are some of the very divine vacation spots that I would love to visit. Check them out for yourself. What's your idea of a vacation?

1. The Citta del Mare Hotel Village, located on the northwest coast of Sicily, looks so cool. You can literally slide right into the Mediterranean Sea.
Images via Citta del Mare

2. The Treehotel in Sweden looks just sensational. As of now, the hotel offers 5 unique "tree house" rooms (more room are being built), that are all located in the Harads forest. The Mirrorcube room (below) reflects its surroundings.
Images via Treehotel

3. I've always wanted to go on a safari. There is just something very tranquil that draws me to experiencing the wildlife in its own environment. If and ever I make the trip, I will be sure to stay at the Tortilis Camp.
Images via Tortilis Camp

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