Monday, February 27, 2012

Color Blocking

After seeing several of the Spring Collections from this years Fashion Week, the same theme I noticed is a lot of color blocking. The pairing of bold and bright colors that compliment and blend well together is so perfect for Spring. On paper, you may think some colors may not work just because they look so oddly different, but as an outfit they actually work really well together! Colors such as yellow and blue or pink and red are very complimentary. It's sometimes difficult to think if one color goes with another so the chart below is a guide for colors that may pair well together. 

Image Via Fashion Bomb Daily
Here are a few ideas I think are most useful in understanding the color wheel & how to wear them:
1. Colors that are right across from each other - Yellow & Violet
2. Colors which are right next to each other - Orange & Red-Orange
3. Split Complimentary by pairing 3 colors, one is the main color and the other 2 split colors are the ones at each side of it's complimentary color - Violet (main) & Yellow-Green and Orange-Yellow (2 split colors)
4. Every other color on the wheel - Green & Blue-Green

Now if you are unsure if the colors above are right for you there's also the Cool and Warm Color Theory to help. The theory is based on one's physical features which determines what color palette works better with those features. I learned this theory while in school and it was fun to see what colors are more flattering for me to wear. Now mind you, it's not a fashion rule to follow this theory it's simply a fun guide to show what colors compliment various features. Below is a chart breaking down the details on how to determine if one's features fall under Cool or Warm. The color wheel under it is divided up to show which colors make up the Cool and Warm palette. As some of you may know my favorite color is black so when I when over this chart I wasn't surprised the best colors for me are the Cool colors. Darker colors such as blues, purple, greys etc are the most flattering for my features. So I was relieved to know my wardrobe was fine although it would've been nice to get a new set of clothes if my colors were from the Warm colors but oh well. It's really fun to have all sorts of colors in your wardrobe so again this is not a rule in fashion it's just something interesting when pairing clothes. 

Image Via Cardigan Empire

Image via Cardigan Empire

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