Thursday, February 9, 2012

Men Style Guide: Valentine's Day

It's time for the men to get a few tips on what to wear for Valentine's Day! So if there are any male readers out there pay attention and take notes so you can impress your lady friend and ladies if you want your man to look then good pay attention too...

Listen up gentleman, this is a dress to impress outfit! If you're going out to a nice place for Valentine's Day or any occasion always think it's better to be over dressed than under dressed. Start with a pair of dress pants, a nice dress shirt in any color and you're already on your way to a complete look. Both options above are both from Express Men which has a great selection for men's clothing and are quite affordable. Now onto the shoes, black dress shoes are a must have and these Alfani shoes are great! Men don't necessarily accessorize like women do but a watch always works well and if you're wanting to go very GQ throw on a faux leather jacket and a scarf only if it's chilly outside of course.

1. Express Dress Shirt
2. Fossil Men's Watch
3. Express Dress Pants
4. H&M Men's Scarf
5. Forever 21 Jacket
6. Alfani Dress Shoes

Alright gentleman, I know this outfit is the more preferable one since it's more casual but still take notes. A nice pair of dark wash jeans with a casual button down shirt is an outfit that can never go wrong so remember that! Since this is a casual outfit, sneakers are acceptable especially when they are old school converse chucks! Again accessorize with a watch and a jacket is a good touch. I saved the best for last, the plain white undershirt which is being modeled by the handsome and amazing David Beckham from his bodywear line at H&M. (Sorry gents, that one is more for the ladies!...You're welcome ladies!) 

1. H&M Dress Shirt
2. H&M David Beckham Bodywear
3. Old Navy Jeans
4. Converse Chuck Sneakers
5. Guess Watch
6. Button Down Hoodie

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