Friday, March 2, 2012

THE PEAKS...and the pits.

She works hard for the money:
Did I just win $300 bucks in Vegas?? Woop Woop!! Nothing like a little extra cash to put a smile on your face and to also pay for trying to act like a baller in Vegas ;) - Andrea
Thelma and Louise:
-Having an awesome time with the BFF on our road trip while enjoying snacks, singing and bustin a move!!!-Rebecca

...the pits
These boots were made for walking:
Wearing your favorite shoes to the ground. Literally. The most comfiest shoes that I now have to get re-soled. Doubt they will ever feel the same. - Andrea
Having to repeat myself over, over, and over again and still not being understood! Grrrr!-Rebecca
Rank and Stank:
A mint or gum never hurt anyone! No one wants to smell what you had for lunch so spare us all! Say it with me, breath mintssssssss! -Rebecca

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