Friday, March 23, 2012

THE PEAKS...and the pits!

Play time:
Spending time with my nephew & niece just being silly and playing around with them always puts a smile on my face and makes life even better. So much fun! -Rebecca
Joie de Vivre:
Having a puppy in your life brings so much joy! Why didn't anyone tell me of the love that puppys give you?! Love me some Madeline :) - Andrea

...and the pits!
Fashion Faux Pas:
Finding old pictures of myself and feeling a sense of utter embarrassment over what I was wearing, seriously not cute! -Rebecca
Don't be Tardy for the Party:
 Picture this, you are running later for a meeting. Seriously, you are actually running a breaking a sweat to get to this meeting. You get there, and its cancelled. Yea. Enough said. - Andrea

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