Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Totes to Summer

While thinking of all the upcoming summer festivities and outings in the sun, I've been thinking a lot about tote bags. There the essential bag to basically carry everything one would need on a summer day to the beach, pool or out to a BBQ with friends. Now totes come in all shapes and sizes which are great for any occasion. I usually like to go with the bigger sized totes only because you can fit everything in there like your towels, sunscreen, magazines, iPad, suntan lotion, snacks etc. Name it and it will fit! I like to call those bags "The Mary Poppin Bags" because it's never full and you can fit about anything in them. Plus the fun thing about totes is you can find some in all sorts of different colors, designs and print which are fun and are very stylish too. So to start the summer properly accessorized below are a few of the totes I'm really digging on to be my tote for the summer.
 Totes Magotes! Enjoy!


Old Navy Crossbody Tote

Target Straw Tote

Nordstrom Quilted Tote

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