Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things to do on Father's Day

Is your head spinning on what to do for your Father on Sunday? My dad is REALLY low key, so we will probably just be BBQ'ing and hanging out by the pool. If you're looking for some options, I've picked out 5 activities that will make the day fun. What do you usually do for your dad on Father's Day?
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1. Have you ever golfed? The above picture is my idea of golfing, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't flex my swing for a couple holes. I'm sure the golfing dad would love to spend the day golfing with you. You can even try the Golfzing app, it's a great app that allows you to find out the best prices for booking your tee time.
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2. Why not have a beach day? Everyone can spend the whole day catching some rays. You can even head out to Santa Monica Seafood for some freshly shucked oysters. YUM!
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3. I have to admit, the thought of my dad go cart racing is hilarious but I think it will be super fun. MB2 is also having Father's Day special pricing on Sunday.
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4. A day at the park! Go throw some money down on your favorite horse just cause it has a cool name and make a day of it. You are promised to enjoy some laughs with the dad in your life.
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5. Get some bikes and go for a ride. Bike rides are always so much fun. Whether you are riding near the beach or going to get something to eat, it will sure be a good time.

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