Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY: Cross Bracelet

Over the weekend, I got into the DIY mood again and wanted to make myself a cross bracelet after seeing so many in stores lately. A couple weeks ago, I luckily found the cross charm while shopping so it sparked the idea to make it into a bracelet. All these supplies and charms you can really find at any craft stores like Joann's or Michael's. What's great is some of the supplies such as the jump rings come in small packs so you have extra left over for other DIY projects. This DIY bracelet was really very simple to make and it literally took me less than 5 minutes to make. These are my favorite kind of DIY projects and the end result is very stylish by itself or layering it with other bracelets. Check below how I made this bracelet...


I began with measuring the gold chains to my wrist and then I split the length in two chains which measured to the size of my wrist. Then using my pliers I opened up a chain loop from one end of the each of the gold chains, joined it on the cross charm and closed the loop securely on the ends of the cross again with my pliers. Lastly I hooked on the jump ring and the lobster claw on the loose end of the gold chains and voila I finished my new bracelet. 

Voila...Finished Product
Cross Bracelet

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