Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Strawberry Treats!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! I sure did spending it was friends, family and I even squeezed in some serious time in the sun to work on my tan. To stay hydrated while getting some sun, I made a basic pink lemonade from a frozen concentrate which is always quick and never disappoints on taste. I also made some popsicles from the same lemonade in my new popsicles making container I bought over the weekend. To make the lemonade and popsicles even better I cut up some fresh strawberries which just added more flavor!
Image via Rebecca
-Fresh Strawberries-

I added the fresh strawberries to the pink lemonade which made the taste even better and it just looked really good too! So refreshing! 
Image via Rebecca
-Pink Lemonade w/ Fresh Strawberries-
I poured the pink lemonade and fresh strawberries into my new popsicle maker I bought from Target. Let me tell you, it has turned out to be my best purchase yet for the summer and all the festivities to come! It was definitely worth the whole $2.50 I spent on it so a big high five to myself!
Image via Rebecca
-Popsicle Maker-
Voila! My frozen strawberry pink lemonade popsicles which turned out to be so good! They were the perfect treat while laying out by the pool and I just couldn't help but eat a couple that's how delicious they were. 
Image via Rebecca

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