Thursday, May 3, 2012

Side by Side

Image via Rebecca

Of course this week I added yet another ring to my ever growing collection, this one is from H&M (above right) one of my favorite stores. I loved this ring for few reasons - not only was the style awesome and the $5.95 I spent even better but also because it reminded me of the ring from Cartier's Panther Collection featured in my Experience Cartier post. Placing these rings side by side they look very similar but of course the brand Cartier and price of $10,400 is what makes them extremely different!!! Realistically I won't be buying any Cartier pieces any time soon but that's why I'm glad H&M is inspired to make similar accessories at an affordable price. There's nothing better than buying accessories especially when it doesn't make a big dent in my wallet!


Image via Rebecca


  1. Speaking of Cartier Panthers, have you seen this amazing spot?

    1. OMG! Yes I was so blown away I had to write about that in a post from March. Love Cartier!!! xx-Rebecca