Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Current Obsession: Skull Bracelets

Image via Rebecca
Usually if something really awesome catches my eye, I tend obsess about it to where I must share it with everyone. In this case, I have to share my current obsession which are my favorite skull bracelets! I have always loved skulls ever since I can remember, I don't know why because there kind of creepy but they're one of my favorite things to collect. I will buy anything with skulls whether it's jewelry, decor, accessories, candles, notepads etc. But anyways, these bracelets were a gift from my generous sister who often spoils me with cute little accessories like this which I love and always welcome! I really like the color strands on each bracelet making them stand out and they add color to my outfits which makes them a top accessory piece for me right now hence the "current obsession"!


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