Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beach Essentials

So summer time is fast approaching and it's time to soak in the sun! Living in Southern California, we are so lucky to have the ocean right at our fingertips. This summer I'm so looking forward to going to the beach because I need some color, my pale skin is not really working for me. I usually always say I'm going to go but never do which is lame but this year I am for sure going! Mark my words everyone! There are so many things I miss like the sound of the ocean, the sand, the drive along the beach seeing the waves crashing and just laying down in the sand. It just feels different when you're at the beach. Now one can never go to the beach unprepared especially us women, we pack as if we are setting up camp for a week. Some make fun but when it comes time to needing something we are always prepared with the all the essentials. So in preparation for summer, I've complied my top 5 essentials for a day at the beach. I'm sure between now and summer the 5 will turn into 20 essentials, what can I say I'm a girl and have a tendency to over pack.

The essentials by Rebecca

1. Old Navy Beaded Caftan - Flowy layering piece to put on over your bathing suit
2. Vogue Magazine - Reading material is a must & a great way to pass the time sitting in the sun
3. Coppertone Sunscreen - Gotta protect your skin from the bad rays so you don't get all wrinkly & leathery 
4. iPhone - I can't leave the house with my iPhone plus it serves a double purpose since it has iTunes
5. H20 - Extremely important to stay hydrated at the beach my favorite water of choice is Smart water

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