Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Word of Mouth: Ramen Jinya

Question: What do you do for dinner when it's freezing outside and you just can't get warm? Answer: Ramen!

I'm very spoiled when it comes to ramen. I first experienced the wonderful soup while in Japan last year. I was in Sapporo, tired from working, it was freezing, and I was starving. If you know anything about me, the combination of freezing and starving makes me a bitch on wheels! While desperately looking for dinner, my colleague and I stumbled into a restaurant that was teeny tiny and only allotted for bar seating. The restaurant was run by 2 men and the chef was SO old, all I could think was, "whatever, I'm too hungry." The ramen with yummy pork and prawns was just heavenly. I was so sad when I was done because I knew I would never be able to get that same dish again.

While back home, I was craving ramen but knew that no restaurant here in the states would be as good as in Japan. I was already judging. A friend recommended a place in Studio City, so I broke down and gave it a try. I was desperate.

Nestled in a strip mall on Ventura Blvd. next to a Marshalls, you will find Ramen Jinya. Although they don't serve it with prawns, they do serve up some awesome ramen. Very flavorful and fulfilling, there is even vegetarian options. I opted for the spicy chicken ramen. Warning: only get spicy if you can deal with the heat. The menu is basic and very reasonably priced. A great little gem in the valley, although there are other locations in LA.

Try it out and let me know what you think. It's the perfect meal for those cold winter nights.

Ramen Jinya
11239 Ventura Blvd
Studio City CA 91604
(818) 980-3977

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