Monday, January 16, 2012

Smell the Roses!!!

So I was just about to write my post when I just got a little distracted by the sun shining thru my window and saw how nice it was outside. Sooooo I thought I would take a quick break and grabbed my camera to check out the scenery in my backyard. Honestly, I really just wanted any excuse to use my new camera and to procrastinate a little more on writing my post so I jumped at the chance. I got some great shots of some beautiful roses and ones which were just about ready to bloom.
Just looking at these roses was so refreshing! I totally got into being outside at one with nature which never happens but I was having fun using my new camera and kept on snapping more pictures of anything. As I kept taking more pictures, I was trying to remember the last time I was outside relaxing just doing absolutely nothing and I couldn't remember. It's been a long time! This may be cheesy but it's true we get so occupied with doing things indoors, going to work and school we forget to stop and really just smell the roses. (No pun intended!) But really by taking a break whether short or long from work, school, life can always just recharge your batteries. 

Now some may have the day off today because of MLK and some may not but either way just take a quick break from your day, grab your iPod, a latte, or a magazine and take a few minutes to just smell the roses!!! 

Here are a few more pictures from my nature moment!

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