Friday, January 6, 2012

The Peaks and the Pits

...Image by Rebecca...

Introducing our weekly post, THE PEAKS...and the pits! We will end each week with this recap. It's basically so we can just vent it all out! Chime in. What were your PEAKS...and pits?

- Is this thing still on?
We are so excited that we started our blog!
- Good Vibes
The amount of support and love we have received from our families and friends is BEYOND!
- The Sky is the Limit
The launch of the blog has opened our eyes to the endless opportunities that lie ahead.

...and the pits.
- Winter blues
This 80 degree weather is killing us. How are we supposed to rock our new winter boots?
- Growing up
Coming back to work after the holiday break only to realize that it's never going to be as good of a break like when you were back in school.
- The Internal Alarm Clock
Why does it keep going off at 7am?! I'm on break and I don't need to wake up. I should be sleeping in!

1 comment:

  1. My Peaks are;
    Having two weeks off for the holidays,
    Visiting Stephani during the week and having a Bellini at the beach,
    Having out of town family visit.

    My Pits are;
    Only having two weeks off, wish I could retire already,
    Going back to work on Monday and sitting at the desk,
    OK, the 80 degree weather. I haven't worn all my winter clothes or boots more often.
    Oh yeah, eating more :)