Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY: Ribbon Necklace

While reorganizing my jewelry drawer, I came across a few necklaces that I have become rather bored with. Using some of the pretty ribbon I received via my holiday gifts, I came up with the below. I hope you all like it and try it out :)

What you need:
- Necklace
- Ribbon (the length of the ribbon needed will depend on the desired length of your new necklace)
- Scissors

Step 1: Lay out your design. It also helps if you singe the ends of the ribbon with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Step 2: Affix the ribbon to each side of the necklace using a cow hitch knot.

Step 3:  Voila! Tie your new piece of jewelry around your neck with a pretty bow. Enjoy!

All images via Andrea


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  2. LOVE! And what a hot model!! ;)

  3. great idea. I agree, pretty model.