Monday, January 30, 2012

Word of Mouth: dineLA Report

Hola! I'm reporting back with how my dineLA experience went. There was a slight change in plans with our restaurant choice from Lucques to the incredible "The Bazaar by José Andrés" at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. If you are not familiar with chef José Andrés, he is an world famous innovative chef who has made a name for his creative and molecular gastronomy techniques when cooking. I can't even begin to describe what a great time I had the girls, Alex and Kellie. Well, let's get started with breaking down the evening and the delish food we devoured. 

We enjoyed some pre-dinner cocktails at their bar, Bar Centro while we waiting for our table to be ready. I had their "Magic Mojito" which was brought over in a dry martini glass filled with cotton candy and then the mojito is poured into the glass as the cotton candy dissolves! Let me tell you, it tasted like pink lemonade! So good!!!

After cocktails, we were then guided to our table which was close to the kitchen so we were able to get a glimpse of the chefs hard at work.

Here is a shot of our special dineLA menu! The special priced menu for The Bazaar is $44 and it's a 3 course meal which is very well worth the price, you'll see. 

Now we move onto the first course. We all chose to go with the Philly Cheesesteak which was amazing. One bite into the air bread and the cheese melts in your mouth, it was the perfect combination with the Wagyu beef!

Next we selected 3 items from the second course dishes and they were great portions so you could share or enjoy all on your own.
First taste from the menu was the Papas Canarias which could be dipped in the mojo verde sauce. These potatoes had a powered salty exterior but as soon as you bit into it the potato it was cooked just right and for more flavor the mojo verde sauce made it even better.

We followed up the Papas Canarias with the Brussels Sprouts that made my taste buds oh so happy. The presentation was so cool with a air foam lemon topping that made each bite so tangy that even kids would like these Brussels sprouts!

We also tried the Sauteed Cauliflower Couscous which was an interesting dish. It was not one of our favorites from the menu in comparison to the other dishes but it was still a good choice. 

Since we were having a such a good time eating we ordered some dishes a la carte that we not on the dineLA menu. We devoured into their Tomato and Mozarella ball salad which let me tell you was an amazing surprise! The mozzarella is really not an actual ball of mozzarella cheese is one of their infamous liquid creations.  Once you bit into it, the ball bursts in your mouth and the liquid filling taste just like mozzarella. Soooo good! 

Another delicious dish is the Olives, traditional and non-traditional. We were instructed to taste the traditional olives which are the ones on the right and then to taste the non-traditional olives to the left. By non-traditional they mean the liquid olives which were just like the mozzarella balls that as soon as you bite it the olive bursts in your mouth and BAM it tastes just like an olive! So crazy that a liquid ball can taste so great! 

Lastly and sadly, we ended the night with dessert which were so good that we inhaled them so fast before I could get a good shot of them. So bad but so good! We had their traditional spanish flan, warm chocolate with pear and greek yogurt penna cotta which were all top notch desserts!!!

Overall our dineLA experience at The Bazaar was incredible and we had such a good time!!! I definitely recommend this restaurant for their great ambiance, drinks, service and FOOD!!!! This dineLA experience was a great opportunity for us to be able to go out, try a new place and have a great time. It's definitely worth it! 

The Bazaar 
at SLS Hotel Beverly Hills
465 S. La Cienaga Blvd
Los Angeles, Ca 90048

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