Monday, October 22, 2012

Things to do on Halloween

Image via TeenVogue
Trick or Treat! It's Halloween time and we're bringing it you all this week on the blog so get ready! Well with the spirit of Halloween looming around I'm sure many of you have thought what is there to do here in LA other than the usual dressing up and trick or treating. Well if your too old for trick or treating then your choices are minimal however I did find a few pretty cool things to do on the day of Halloween or before. Some are scary and some are more traditional but all are equally cool for Halloween.

I'm really hoping to check out the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride and Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights. I've been to several of the horror nights at other amusement parks and by far the best is Universal Studios. The park really goes all out with their crew who are so scary looking you almost believe you're really in a horror movie. Plus they have the best scary mazes, I will never forget how scared I was I really didn't think I would make it thru but it was fun though.

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