Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brad Pitt & Chanel

Image via Fashionista
Did we ever think these two fabulous entities would ever come together? Hmm probably not, but it happened! I know we mostly talk about fashion, food and our DIY projects on the blog but today I wanted to bring a little testosterone to the mix with the gorgeous Brad Pitt.Why you may ask? Because he recently signed on to be the latest spokesperson for Chanel No. 5 perfume. It's a big deal because he is the first ever male to be a spokesperson for the fragrance since it's for women. But they decided to switch it up a bit and I can't say I'm disappointed. They only had women front the perfume since the very beginning so who knows this may be a new marketing trend for other companies to follow. But seriously who can sell a woman's fragrance or pretty much anything female related more than Brad Pitt. I'm sure every woman out there after seeing the commercial went out to buy the perfume, I'm even tempted to go and buy it! How can you not with his good looks, charm, and overall persona. Chanel has really outdone themselves just like they do with all their campaigns, but I think this one is a front runner to all others due to the beautiful Brad Pitt. It was too great not to share with you all so check it out and enjoy, you're welcome!!!


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