Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY: Adorned Friendship Bracelets

Hola Amigos! So when my mom went down to Ensenada a couple weeks ago, I asked her to pick me up some friendship bracelets because I had a little project in mind. I had seen a version of what I made at a local boutique but the price was a little too high for my liking. These are super cute and easy to make. Seriously, it took me a whole of 5 minutes. Also, I added a lobster clasp to the bracelets so that they are easy to take off and on.

What you'll need:
- Friendship bracelets (if your mom isn't going to Ensenada anytime soon, here are some tutorials)
- String of rhinestones
- Needle and thread
- Lobster clasp and jump rings
- Pliers

Rhinestone Bracelet
- All I did was sew the rhinestone chain to the bracelet.

 Braided Rhinestone Bracelet
- I knotted the rhinestone chain and 2 smaller sized friendship bracelets together at the top. Then secured the top with a piece of tape. Once all braided, I again knotted it again at the bottom.

...and the finished product!

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  1. what a great DIY! Thank you for sharing!
    This would be a great side gift for friends for birthdays or even part of a Christmas present!

    Check out my blog! Would love if you could follow via GFC! xo

    -Lisa Nicole