Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shadow Palette

Image via Our Mismatched Life

Everyone knows how much I LOVE makeup! I enjoy wearing it and love how it can change your look with just a color of an eyeshadow. I also really like putting on makeup, it's a very therapeutic routine for me. I remember when I was younger, taking a few of my mom's eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks to play dress up. I always ended up looking a clown but it was one of my favorite things to do and still is. As a lot of girls out there, I have quite a bit of a collection of eyeshadow colors from all sorts of brands and I just keep adding more and more. I can never have enough that's why I especially love makeup palettes. You can get so much makeup in just one case from eyeshadow, lipsticks to blushes. I like to change up my eye shadow colors as often as possible and this great palette from Nordstrom I received as a gift definitely gives me a good selection to choose from. 

Image via Our Mismatched Life

Not only are the colors really great but the texture and durability is a plus. I quite particular when it comes to how well eye shadows blend and how long they will stay throughout the day. Let me tell you this is probably one of the most long lasting eyeshadow palettes I've used and trust me I've been thru a lot. I really recommend this Nordstrom palette, it's my one stop shop for my makeup needs. Check out the other palettes from Nordstrom


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