Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hats off to Summer

Image via Forever 21

With the sun in your eyes sometimes you need more than just sunglasses to help block those sunshine rays and hats are just the right accessory. I recently purchased the fedora hat shown above from Forever 21 which I'm dying to wear while out in the sun. It didn't make it on my trip Sweden but I'm so looking forward to rocking it once I get back home. Another reason I love hats is for the days were your hair is just not cooperating and the only thing to make you feel some what better is to wear a hat. It works wonders to cover up your bad hair or lazy hair days. I would like to expand my hat collection and so far I've seen some really cute ones out there, below are a couple I'm into for the summer. 


Image via Nordstrom

Image via Old Navy

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