Monday, July 23, 2012

My Travel Diary: Sweden

Today I'm going to bring you pictures from my trip to Sweden which was such a fun trip! I had such an amazing trip and am so grateful for the experience to visit such a beautiful country. I took so many great pictures and was able to visit so many interesting parts of the country. I'm going to break my trip down for you over a couple of days showing you different aspects of the country from sight seeing, fashion and food. I wish I could share all of my pictures with you but for now I'm showing you some of my favorites as I show you the places we visited. 


-Walking to the beach in Skanor, summer sun doesn't set until around 11pm. It was a beautiful walk and view!-

-Beach view in Skanor, white sand and cool water-

-Squares in the city of Malmo, amazing buildings and so much history there-

-Walking around in the square in Malmo-

-Bike ride to the beach to catch the view, thick fog but it was still a nice ride-

-Taking off by train to visit Stockholm-

-Stockholm's beautiful islands surrounded by water, the view was amazing it almost doesn't look real-

-View of the buildings from our boat tour to see several islands-

-The hustle and bustle on the busy streets of Stockholm-
-On our way to the farm in Linkoping-

-Beautiful farm land and the acres of land with the big lake. So amazing!-

-On the farmland enjoying a nice walk!-

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