Thursday, August 2, 2012

Popsicle Overload

Image via Vogue

Okay I know we have covered this topic of Popsicle's already but I came across this article on VOGUE called "Ice, Ice Baby: Summer's Best Frozen Treats and just had to share it." The article is about making homemade Popsicle's with a little history on the topic along with 10 great recipes. I've been on this Popsicle making kick throughout the whole summer it's become sort of my Sunday project to make a new set of Popsicle's. Enjoying one a few times a week after a long day makes for a great treat plus it's fresh and healthier than going to get a creamy ice cream filled with a crazy amount of sugar. Another plus it's a really cheap treat to make from home. Anyways, this article includes some very different and unique recipes that sound delicious. I'm going to try the "Pomegranate", "Fudge Pop" and the "Strawberry Ice", they all sound so good so who knows I may end up making all of them. Got any good Popsicle recipes? 


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