Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Nails

Image via Fashionista

With Fall fast approaching, not only is it time to start adjusting your wardrobe but I always think changing your nail polish color is a must with the changing season. I like to wear colors to blend with the season so for example for summer it's all about bright and bold colors for me. Now for fall and winter I like to bring the color tones down to more warm and darker colors. So with Fall coming soon, all the major nail polish companies are showcasing their new fall color collections. I'm seeing lots of jewel tones, metallic, dark goth colors and some special effect colors. I definitely already know which ones I'm going to wear. Check out the rest of the collections on Fashionista.

Image via Fashionista
China Glaze
Image via Fashionista
Image via Fashionista

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