Monday, August 6, 2012

Bringing it Home from H&M

H&M Homeware via Fashionista

Well this is definitely some good news, H&M just announced they will be bringing their Homeware line to the US in 2013. I am a huge H&M shopper so I can't wait until we can get a hold of their Homeware collection. It's only available in Europe at the moment so the anticipation for it to arrive here in the states will be a bit tough but I'm sure well worth it. H&M Homeware will cover all rooms in a household from the kitchen, bedroom to bathrooms at affordable prices just like their clothing. They will also have some unique decorative pieces for your bedroom, living room and for kids rooms. Another plus is their Homeware will be added to their clothing stores so you can shop for an outfit and a new set of towels or sheets in one visit. It doesn't get better than a one stop shop at H&M. We can catch a glimpse of their collections on their European site (here) and let me tell you it's definitely cute. I can't wait until it becomes available here. Check out the article from Fashionista here.


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