Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fan it out

It has seriously been so hot over these past few days and it seems to only be getting hotter by the hour. Even at night when it's supposed to cool down I feel like it only gets slightly cooler which is really uncomfortable when you're trying to relax. To make these warm days and nights somewhat bearably cooler I've started using an old fashioned hand fan. It's working really well and helps cool you down so you don't melt completely in this heat. I also have a special fondness for fans since my mom used to collect them. I have many memories of her carrying one with her wherever she went so I definitely enjoy the chance to reminisce as I use one. She really collected some beautiful fans and below are a couple of my favorites along with a special one I received as a gift from my BFF on a trip to Japan. Another great thing about fans is they also serve as a great decorative piece, I have some displayed in vases and spread out showing the great designs.


Left to Right: Handpaint floral fan from my mom's collection,
gift from BFF from Japan and another fan from my mom's collection

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